Best Of 2019: IDEAS

We define our world by the ideas we have. From the stories of our lives, to the grand sweep of history across nations, to scientists looking through microscopes, ideas help us understand what we see. Indeed, ideas define the thoughts inside our minds. They allow us to conceptualize Who, Where, and Why we are in the world we are in.

2019 was the year when we realized the power of ideas. The power of ideas is that they can change our world. A single idea, like a single spark, can start a flame that illuminates new ways of being and entirely new realities. Remember: There was a time when even a simple lightbulb was just an idea in someone’s mind. Now look around: Lightbulbs are everywhere. There was a time when people thought the sun orbited around the earth. But thanks to someone’s idea, now we think the earth orbits around the sun! To which we can only say, “Thank you, ideas, for your help in this life.”

Here are the TOP TEN IDEAS OF 2019:

10. The mental pictures of life

9. Refreshing ideas

8. Playful concepts

7. High-tech ideas

6. Simple wisdom from the mouths of the elderly

5.(TIE) Controversial ideas / When you say “Any ideas?” and the new guy says, “Boss, I think you have the best idea!”

4. Billion-dollar business ideas that will never fail

3. Award-winning ideas

2. Can animals have ideas

1. Ideas so complicated yet so simple in 2019