Best Of 2019: TELEVISION

When you press the button to turn on your television, you’re actually turning a key that unlocks a different world. That world could be a sophisticated drama, or a top-class cooking show, or an informative news special. It could be an animated comedy that takes no prisoners, or a bleak dystopian tale that makes you think. Regardless, when you turn that key (i.e. press the button), you can be sure you will never be the same … for each exposure to television leaves us enriched: More engaged, better informed, and truly entertained.

Rear view of a family watching TV on sofa at home.

2019 was a good year for television. In fact, some might say it was the best year for television in many decades. We are lucky to be able to enjoy so many great TV shows. If they were to make a TV movie about the great shows of 2019, they would have no choice but to call it: AMERICAN TELEVISION STORY: WONDERFUL SHOWS OF THIS YEAR.

Here are the TOP TEN TV SHOWS OF 2019:

10. Historical dramas with fabric costumes

9. Detective whodunits with three or more clues per episode

8. Sassy young comedies that shock and amuse

7. Game shows

6.  Cable news specials featuring expert analysis

5. Intellectual property that cannot be defeated

4. “Hennnry!” “Yes, dear?” “What happened to my favorite shows?” “They’re better than ever, dear.” “Oh, I suppose you’re right! Okay, I’ll keep watching them.”

3. When you turn on a new show to see what the buzz is about and then you realize it’s a pretty good show and you’ll probably watch it in 2019

2. Once-in-a-lifetime live TV events

1. Cable TV shows