Best Of 2019: MEMES

memesMemes are quite interesting. They are the lingua franca of the online world. Simply put, if you want to thrive online you must know about memes. While our parents used to stay up-to-date via reading newspapers, our generation keeps its finger on the pulse of the world via memes. The fact is, if you aren’t aware of the latest memes, you just aren’t part of the conversation.

What are memes, exactly? Memes are units of information that travel across the internet at the speed of thought. They can be little pictures with words written on them. They can be phrases like “Okay Boomer” or “Deez Nuts.” They can even be animated gifs from TV shows. Such a simple concept, yet the results can be surprisingly powerful. Best of all? In our connected world, the latest memes are just a click away.

We’re going through a cultural moment in which memes have never been more important. When people are too busy on their phones to read a magazine article, or check out the latest book, it’s not uncommon for a helpful meme to explain everything there is to know. That’s the power of memes … the power of knowing … and it’s a power that’s here to stay in 2019.

2019 was no different in this regard. It was indeed the “Year of the Meme.” So log on, click through, and enjoy the TOP TEN MEMES OF 2019: 

10. Classic memes

9. Viral content

8. Animal makes a funny face, you think “Damn that li’l guy is acting almost human — I can relate”

7. When Jim from the Office looks straight into the camera

6. Selfies

5. Computer questions

4. “Hennnry!” “Yes, dear?” “Did you see those memes that Martha sent us?”

3. Inscrutable memes

2. Mainstream memes

1. The memes we need in times such as these