Best Of 2016: LIFESTYLES

When all is said and done, you are nothing more than your lifestyle. From the moment you get out of bed, to the moment you get back into bed at night, your behavior, thoughts, clothes, and conversations all contribute to your identity as the paragon of your own lifestyle.


Just as 2016 saw the acceleration of technology and communications, our mode of “lifestyle communication” also increased such that our lifestyles were moving (developing) faster than ever. That’s one reason 2016 was so exciting for most lifestyle practitioners (i.e., human beings, otherwise known as you and me!).

Let’s take a break from the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day and simply enjoy the TOP TEN LIFESTYLES OF 2016:

10. High-impact lifestyles

9. Healthy lifestyles

8. Monetize your lifestyle

7. When you go out with friends and realize yours is the superior lifestyle

6. Up-to-date lifestyles

5. (TIE) Computer lifestyle / A lifestyle to be celebrated in our memory

4. Almost top-tier lifestyles

3. Lifestyles that make ya go “Hmmm”

2. The greatest lifestyle ever achieved … from the dawn of history we have been waiting for this lifestyle to be made manifest in human form … now it moves among us and shows us how to achieve our final state

1. Fun lifestyles