Best Of 2016: HENRY

10. “Henry!” “Yes, dear?” “How are you?” “I’m pretty good.”

9. “Hennnry!” “Yes, dear?” “Did you remember to get the fresh eggs?” “I sure did!” “Wonderful! Thanks, Henry.”

8. “Hennnnnnnry!” “Yes, dear?” “What day is it?” “Monday, I think.” “RIGHT AGAIN!”

7. When Henry’s in the zone personally and professionally

6. “Excuse me, sir: Are you Henry?” “I am.” “Oh, good. This is a present from your wife.” “Oh, what a nice surprise!” (LATER) “Thanks for the present!” “You’re welcome, Hennnnnry.”

5. Some of the best Henry

4. When you gotta give a shout-out to Henry

3. “Have you heard about Henry?” “What about him?” “He’s chillin’ … as always.” “Good, glad to hear it.”

2. When Henry’s near the top

1. Henry’s at the top