Best Of 2016: MOMENTS

Years are made up of individual days, and 2016 was no different. What set 2016 apart, however, was the nature of those days. Simply put, the days of 2016 were defined by extraordinary moments — moments that, once identified, helped us make sense of the time we live in, which in this year’s case was 2016, the year of our recent days and moments.

What moments we shared! Let’s take a “moment” to celebrate the MOST IMPORTANT MOMENTS OF 2016:

10. Cultural moments

9. Political moments

8. When you listen to a podcast and they say, “I think we’re in a unique moment right now,” and then they talk about how a new TV show is related to that moment and you’re like “HONEY GET IN HERE, YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS!!!”

7. Interesting moments

6. Moments to treasure with friends and loved ones

5. This is your moment to shine

4. The current moment

3. (TIE) Zeitgeist moments / The moment everything turns to shit

2. “Gotta get more moments, I’m addicted to these moments”

1. The moment that makes sense of everything once and for all