Best Of 2016: BOOKS

Whatever you think of them, books continue to bring out the best in us. Just as vitamins help us digest food and increase muscle mass, books help us digest the ideas of the day and increase our brain power. Empathy, understanding, and intelligence are all increased when we read books.


These are just some of the reasons 2016 was a great year for books. Other reasons include the pleasures of fiction, the successes of the publishing industry, and the way a new book smells when you open it. When all is said and done, we must admit: 2016 was a year for the books.

Here are the BEST BOOKS OF 2016:

10. Hardcover books

9. Pop-up books

8. Books to be read on the ground with your lover

7. Books that impress your friends

6. E-books

5. (TIE) Novels / Affordable books

4. High-quality books

3. Collectible books

2. Bestsellers

1. Books with good blurbs