Best Of 2016: DRAMA

2016 was a year defined by drama. Even when we were off the grid, drama kept on our toes. From political drama to all the drama in your personal life, sometimes it almost seemed like there was too much drama, on account of the huge amounts of drama that was always happening. And 2016 was no different.

So let’s take a deep breath, collect our thoughts, and take a moment to celebrate the BEST DRAMA OF 2016:

10. Intense drama

9. Surprising drama

8. Good drama

7. Dramatic events

6. “Hennnry!” “Yes, dear?” “Have you heard the latest?” “About what?” “About all the drama.” “Yes, I suppose I have.”

5. Drama that makes you say DAAAMN

4. The latest dramas

3. “This drama has been rated 100%”

2. Some of the best drama that has ever been on my lists

1. The greatest drama in human history