Best Of 2016: SCANDALS

“Get ready for blast-off!”

Scandals are the rocket fuel that shoots our prurient interest through the atmosphere of the everyday, all the way up to the stars. And it’s even more fun when stars are actually involved in the scandals! (Movie stars, that is.)


It’s these stumblings and snafus that bring even the “high and mighty” back down to earth, where they land with a “plop” that reminds us: “All humans are flawed, and no man shall stand above me in judgment, who has not also pooped his own pants on occasion,” as the Bible surely says somewhere in one of its many pages.

And 2016 was no different. Some days it seemed the scandals were almost getting out of control. We saw entertainment scandals, financial scandals, and even — at the highest level — scandals in the art world. When it came to 2016, the only real scandal was how many scandals there were.

Here are the TOP TEN SCANDALS OF 2016:

10. Horrible scandals

9. Weird scandals

8. Boring scandals you can’t understand, but will eventually impact your life

7. Foreign scandals

6. Female-friendly scandals

5. Historical scandals

4. Scandals that come out of nowhere

3. Scandals that were with us all along

2. Terrific scandals

1. “Get me a list of the hottest scandals! Oooh, this one is the very best!”