Best Of 2016: SPAGHETTI


It’s no secret that Americans love spaghetti and crave it day and night. From Italian restaurants to the cute little trattoria down the street, when it comes to dinner there’s only one game in town: It’s called spaghetti and its rules are simple: Have fun and fill your belly with my wonderful noodles. Touchdown! Game, set, and match. Advantage: Spaghetti.

2016 was no different.

Here are the TOP TEN SPAGHETTIS OF 2016.

10. Dry spaghetti

9. Pretty nice spaghetti

8. “Mmm, say, I like this spaghetti”

7. Humble spaghetti

6. When bae says, “Do you want to know something?” And you’re like, “Okay,” and she (or he says) “My father owns a spaghetti factory … that means we get unlimited spaghetti for life!!!” And your tummy is so happy 🙂

5. When you cook whole wheat spaghetti

4. (TIE) Midnight spaghetti / Spaghetti technologies

3. Different kinds of spaghetti

2. Fantastic spaghetti

1. Perfect spaghetti