Best of 2015: PALINDROMES

Palindromes are words and phrases that look the same on the page and in a mirror. They are one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to have fun with our language, which is why they spark our imaginations and make us smile. And when it comes to palindromes, 2015 was definitely a year for the record books, Scooby-Doo! (Almost a palindrome!)

After all, we’re in a cultural moment where up is down and black is the new white, so it should come as no surprise that forwards is the new backwards. It’s all about changing perspective and seeing the same old thing. The comforts of home, hidden in the energy of the new. This year was custom-made for palindromes, so let’s celebrate!

Here are the TOP TEN PALINDROMES OF 2015:

10. Jeb! !Bej

9. Antarctic ice melted — delete mice cantata.

8. Derrida, Drake’s e-card arrived!

7. Attention: Marco Rubio buried O.C. ram? No. It never.

6. Ho! Sepp Blatter, FIFA cad, has a cassette of Right Said Fred! Oh …

5. (TIE) We listened to “Serial” — liars’ O.T. denial, ew! / Zuckerberg grabs truck nutz

4. Star Wars sucks rats

3. Volkswagen fuel probs, bro! Le uf-neg wawa, uh-huh.

2. ISIS is sissies

1. Toyota Yogurt