Best of 2015: STYLE

photodune-218814-relaxed-young-guy-using-laptop-xs-300x200One of the defining characteristics of style is its changing nature: What may be cool one year could be lame the following year, but then in the next year it could be the hottest thing anyone has ever seen … but then you blink, and the next thing you know everyone hates it again. (Think of what happened with shirts recently.) Good style, however, never goes out of fashion. And 2015 was definitely one of the most stylish years in recent history. Could this be the year good taste finally grew up? Could this be the year when being fashion-forward meant more than following bad trends? Could this be the year style finally came into its own? We will never know. But one thing is certain: 2015 was a great year for style.

Here are the TOP TEN STYLES OF 2015:

10. Interesting styles

9. Classic styles

8. Hot fashions that stand the test of time

7. “Could you do some research on the latest styles and then recommend new eyeglasses for me to buy? Thank you, computer. Entering credit card information now …”

6. (TIE) Breathtaking styles / Tuxedos

5. “Hennnnry!” “Yes, dear?” “How’s my style?” “It’s very nice.”

4. That moment when you realize you have good style

3. Going on twitter to make fun of the styles and then realizing you actually love the styles

2. The newest styles

1. The greatest fashions of style