Best of 2015: TELEVISION

Here it is! The first of my BEST OF 2015 lists! (NOTE: please read this essay before reading this and any future lists.) We’re kicking things off with a bang this year: our first topic is TELEVISION!

Of all the popular art forms, perhaps television had the best year in 2015. Not only did we witness the rise of new platforms — Netflix, AmazonTV, HuluTV — but new ways of watching T.V. shows, like binge-watching and other ways. 2015 was the year when the “boob tube” finally grew up … in fact, from now on maybe we should call it “Dr. Boob Tube, PhD, Chair of the Literature Department.”


This year gave us dramas with the sure-footed pacing of comedies and comedies with the emotional depth of dramas. Not to mention live spectacles (a new twist on an old tradition) and crime documentaries with the same commitment to truth as the finest newspapers! Whether you like it high-def or low-def, via cable or antennas, one thing is certain: T.V. is on the up and up. So let’s celebrate a truly amazing year for television. Here are the TOP TEN TELEVISION SHOWS OF 2015:

10. Riveting premium dramas

9. Informative cable specials

8. Creative animated cartoons

7. Enjoyable comedies

6. Serious television shows with an edge

5. “What a great show”

4. Television programs that kept us guessing … and also kept us SMILING

3. News on your television

2. (TIE) Television shows you can watch in different locations / Programs and related content I saw

1. The best in television shows

And just like that … my lists have begun! Check back soon for more lists.