A YEAR IS DEFINED BY ITS QUOTES — THOSE FIRST-PERSON STATEMENTS THAT SUM UP EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED IN A YEAR. Would you be surprised to learn that 2012 had some of the most iconic quotes of the year?

Politicians, celebrities, and even television personalities had something to say in 2012, and those are called “quotes,” and they have little marks — “quotation marks” — and that announces the quotability of the quotes, and that’s what sets apart a quote from a regular statement.

On the other hand, even regular people sometimes make quotes. Think back to the last time you read a magazine: There was probably an article about the new Hobbit movie, and the reporter probably got a “quote” from a regular person, like this:

Tony from Palo Alto, a repairman, said: “I’m excited to watch that new Hobbit movie.”

That, right there, is a quote — exactly the kind of first-person statement we celebrate with this list. So, with a tip of the hat to Tony the Repairman, let’s celebrate THE BEST DIFFERENT QUOTES OF 2012:

10. Funny quotes

9. Quotes that sum up an event

8. Quotes that personalize a huge event so that we can understand it on a personal level

7. Quotes where you’re like, “Daaaamn I can’t believe he said that!”

6. Quotes where you’re like, “God bless you for that wonderful quote that made me cry.”

5. Quotes from the news

4. Quotes from movies

3. Quotes that one person says and another person agrees or disagrees

2. Simply put, some of the best quotes ever

1. Quotes from quote books