FROM “DON’T HAVE A COW,” TO “WHAT’S SO FUNNY” (FROM THE JOKER), A YEAR IS ONLY AS GOOD AS ITS CATCHPHRASES — THOSE SPOKEN TOKENS OF A YEAR’S SITUATIONS. Because of all the historical events of 2012, from revolutions in the Middle East to Superstorm Sandy to all the hot pop songs we heard at the club after work, we truly were blessed with catchphrases in the year of 2012.

In fact, if we had to sum up 2012’s abundance of catchphrases with a single catchphrase, it’d probably be, “Better get a baseball mitt to catch these catchphrases!”

But instead, let’s just list the TOP TEN CATCHPHRASES OF 2012:

10. “Tweet my username in 2012”

9. “Later for you in 2012”

8. “Fiscal cliff”

7. “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”

6. “Thank God for what just happened”

5. “2012 is oh-ficially off the HOOK”

4. (TIE) “Did you vote in the election? See ya wouldn’t wanna be ya if you didn’t vote” / “Yo mama so ugly her mirror fell off”

3. “The rich get richer but the poor get dirt sandwiches”

2. (TIE) Current events-related catchphrases / “Best. Umbrella. Mishap. Ever.”

1. Shakespeare, the greatest of all time