Friday Face-Offs: Party In The USA – 8th Place

Can you believe we’re actually having a Friday Face-Offs? I know, it’s amazing. You can thank me by sending roses and fresh corn on the cob to my bio-dome!

The address:

123 Friday Face-Offs Ave.
Unit 456
New York State, USA

Anyway, I’ve always had a soft spot for monotonous screamo versions of bubblegum pop. These guys do a pretty good job of defiling Miley Cyrus’s masterpiece:

(It’s fun to pretend this was Ms. Cyrus’s original demo of the song, and then the producers were like, “Umm, we’re thinking we should take the song in a more pop direction,” and Miley Cyrus was like, “Urrrggggghh!”)

Back to reality: The breakdown at (2:11) is insane/great/bewildering, like all good pop music. (You heard it here first: All good pop music is bewildering.) My one criticism of this recording is they should’ve kept the crazy-catchy guitar lick at the beginning of the original, because it’s crazy-catchy and would probably sound bad-ass in drop-D or whatever Spencer’s-Gifts tuning those young screamo kids are using these days.

But enough of my kvetching: There’s a party in the USA going on, and we have to get into it! FRIDAY FACE-OFFS