Let’s face it: 2010 was the Year of the Internet. Some days it seemed like everybody was online: either shopping or writing letters to the computer-editor — or forwarding memes.

Memes are those bits of data that make us smile on the internet and remember what life is all about. Whether it’s “Keyboard Cat” or “Cheeseburger Cat” or “Shit My Cat Says,” a good meme can help you make it through the day, reminding you of the lighter side of the cyber-side of life.

Personally, as a computer expert I spend about 16 hours per day on the internet so I’ve seen every meme there is (except the one about the rabbit with the pancake). When your friend forwards you an internet meme, rest assured I saw it at least two days earlier. You might as well call me “Mister Meme” … and 2010 was no different.

I can say with confidence that this is the definitive list of the TOP TEN INTERNET MEMES OF 2010:

#10. Powerful memes

#9. Ironic memes

#8. Shocking memes

#7. Funny memes

#6. Celebrity memes

#5. Political memes

#4. Youtube

#3. Fresh-baked bread

#2. Bar graphs that explain truly amazing shit

#1. Computer memes