Sometimes, rather than talking for two hours straight trying to explain some esoteric concept, it’s easier just to reach for a simple catchphrase. And 2010 was a great year for catchphrases.

Now, I could spend 50,000 words explaining why this is so, or I could just say: “Love me, love my catchphrases” or “Catchphrase fever in the house!” or “2010: Talk to da catchphrase, mon!” (said in Jamaican accent to suggest marijuana abuse).

Here are the TOP TEN CATCHPHRASES OF 2010:

#10: “That’s not what your mom said”

#9: “My 401(k) took a real beating”

#8: “Amazing game last night, huh”

#7: “Golf … it’s not just for breakfast anymore”

#6: “Oh, why don’t you go fall down a Chilean mine shaft!”

#5: “Penny for your tweets …”

#4: “That’s not what your mom said again”

#3: “I guess it’s all the same in the end”

#2: “I want my country back”

#1: “Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery”