Best Of 2010: TELEVISION

Let’s face it: Television has the power to change lives. From Mad Men to American Idol, a good hour of television can make anything better. Sometimes it seems like our friends on TV are just as interesting as our friends in real life! And sometimes the music on a TV show makes you feel like crying, even though it’s just a show about a sick old lady in a hospital. That’s the power of television. The United States of America makes the best television shows in the world, and it’s time to celebrate that fact.

So raise a glass and pass the remote control! Here’s to the BEST TELEVISION SHOWS OF 2010:

#10 The evening news
#9 The sports
#8 The home shopping
#7 The dramas
#6 The sit-coms
#5 The reality shows
#4 The weird stuff
#3 MTV
#2 “Didja hear about what happened on the television?”
#1 The very best stuff

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