Best Of 2010: FASHION

“Paging Dolce Gabbana! Paging Versace! Paging 2Xist Underwear! This is the list you’ve been waiting for!” From Paris runway shows to New York debut collections, 2010 was all about passion … passion for fashion. Where else could you see the hottest clothes and the latest styles? Only in fashion. And 2010 was another great year for it. For fashion.

More than three hundred designers gave it their best shot in 2010; now it’s time for the final verdict. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re all beautiful. But some of us are the most beautiful. Because of the amazing clothes we wear, including suits made from real wool from a sheep. Here’s the list of the BEST FASHIONS OF 2010:

10. UGGS boots (still crushing the competition; if you disagree go eat an old toilet and die)
9. Oxford shirts
8. Stripes: horizontal, vertical, it doesn’t matter, just sew some stripes on that motherfucker and it’s all good.
7. Wristwatches
6. Women’s fashions
5. Stockings
4. (TIE) Lifestyle fashions / Rubber shoes
3. Men’s fashions
2. V-neck sweaters
1. Hats

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