Friday Face-Offs: “Dynamite” — WINNER!

First of all, I love that she murdered Bob Barker and stole his microphone.

Second of all, I love that she smokes two packs a day.

Third of all, I love her plans for the summer:

“When every new song comes out, I’m gonna do it. I promise you I probably will.” LOL, small amount of songs she has to sing! Guys, she has to do a version of EVERY NEW SONG.

Anyway, let’s rock:

The weirdest moment comes near the end, when you can hear what she’s singing along to, and it sounds like a completely different song. Is it even “Dynamite?” How can she focus? I think we’re looking at a future inductee into the Air-Traffic Controller Hall of Fame.

FRIDAY FACE-OFFS!!! Remember to always wear your favorite brands. That’s basically the moral of this story called “my blog on the internet.”