Friday Face-Offs: “Dynamite” – 2nd Place

Okay, I know people might not agree with this choice. “Second place, really?” they’ll say. “Have all those pencil shavings gone to your head?”

But hear me out.

The reasons I like “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz are:

1. Good solid keyboard riff
2. When he sings “it goes on and on and on” for the second time, in his upper register, it’s nice
3. Cavalcade of zhweep zhwoops

But the main reason is:

4. The wonderful lyric, “I’m wearing all my favorite brands”

For some reason I just love that lyric. It’s sooo much cooler than, “I’m wearing my Burberry” or “I’m wearing my Gucci” or whatever, I don’t even know what those rapping kids are wearing these days.

The idea that ANYONE can sing along to “Dynamite” and when they get to that lyric, think about how awesome they’re looking in their favorite brands: their Ambercombie(sp), or their L.L. Bean, or their OshKosh B’gosh, or their Lane Bryant, or whatever! EVERYBODY’S GOT THEIR FAVORITE BRANDS, YOU KNOW THEY DO.

For instance, I can think about how I’m rolling up to the club in my nice white athletic socks and my Land’s End shirt I bought when my mom gave me a gift certificate. I’m just reppin’ my brands and my style, you know?

NOW, HAVING SAID ALL THAT, watch how this dude completely kills that lyric (0:15). GOOSEBUMPS, I’m not kidding. That is what we call a hot-ass line reading. It made me LOL for real the first time I watched it. God he just destroys that shit. I love it. Visually and aurally, that is FLAWLESS.

Friday Face-Offs! Everybody wear their favorite brands RIGHT NOW.

I’m not even kidding! Winning video is next! You better go put on your favorite brands!!!