Friday Face-Offs: “Kids” – 2nd Place TIE!

Somebody tell Matt Drudge to fire up the “Hysteria-Siren” gifs! We have two second place winners this week!

First second place:

Bass tone of the year! Everyone in the comments is asking this guy how he got such a good bass sound. Damn it sounds good.

Second second place:

What can I say? If you’ve ever wanted to watch a gelfling-starchild perform “Kids” on her mini-keyboard from the future while hiding out in a record-store basement(?), then you’re pretty psyched right now. I am counting the days until we hear this young woman in an iPod commercial.

Friday Face-Offs! More refreshing than juice, more intoxicating than wine. TAKE ONLY WHAT YOU NEED FROM IT.

Winning video is next … get ready for sadness … you’re gonna be pretty sad when you see the next video … hope you’re ready to see a drummer who’s really unhappy