Friday Face-Offs: “Kids” — WINNER!

We have a winner! Holy shit, does anything get set off very hard in this video? HOOOOOLY SHIT, do some kids get pretty sad at 0:43? Make sure you see the big kid in the black t-shirt jump in the air, because that’ll make you feel a low amount of energy.

Couple more things: I’m not sure this room is large enough. Is it huge enough? Hmm, seems pretty cramped in there. The room is so small and acoustically dead, it’s making the band sound weak. Really weak.

Also, what kind of assembly is this? Kids running around every which way? It’s like total chaos! At one point I was thinking, “Is this a school that’s run by kids because they murdered all the teachers and parents and now this is just a regular day for them?”

Okay, but my three favorite things are:

1. Notice how sad the drummer is at 2:30, and how much he hates this song, and how disappointed he is that he’s playing this song to the adoring screams of his peers … basically, how much he’s hating life when they come back into the chorus. THIS PROVES THAT DRUMS ARE THE BEST INSTRUMENT.

2. Basically, everything from 3:04 on makes me pretty glum, LOL. Especially right after the build-up, if you can find the big kid in the black t-shirt again, and watch his/her reaction to the final chorus, you’ll be really sad and you’ll be frowning and like, “Boo-hoo, I’m so sad I’m watching this video right now.”

3. Okay, but really the best thing? Check out the drummer at the end of the song. Mission motherfucking Accomplished much? And then, if you notice the second person to hug the drummer, you’re basically gonna feel like you just read the greatest short story of all time.

FRIDAY FACE-OFFS! Get that Vitamin FFO!

Have a nice weekend.