Friday Face-Offs: “Kids” – 3rd Place

When you finally climb to the top of the mountain, this is what you see:

He actually made the song more melancholy. I love it! Again, this is when I start wondering what the definition of a mode is. Is his melody in a different mode from the original melody? Forget about what key it’s in, I think the mode is different, too. Right? Are we dealing with a Hungarian Dorian(?) mode? Jesus, I got all these people reading my web site, can someone just tell me what a mode is, in ten words or less? I think that will open up Friday Face-Off analysis to a new level where we can get Alex Ross to write an article about Friday Face-Offs.

Also, does anyone know where I can buy a nice tall Orange-Pineapple Burstberry Wheatgrass Smoothie with extra Choco-Yogurt? I’m really craving one of those right now. (The more expensive, the better, please.)

(BONUS “Double Nickels on the Dime” funtoid: If you listen closely to the bass on “My Heart and the Real World,” you’ll hear that Mike Watt is actually playing in morse code. The message is: “I would never drive my Lamborghini Jalpa V8 without Pirelli tires.” Yes, it’s true, Mike Watt was sponsored by Pirelli tires and used Pirelli tires exclusively on all his exotic Italian sports cars. In fact, Pirelli sponsored multiple SST artists in their bid to lock in the Southern-Californian-punk-rocker-Italian-exotic-car-enthusiast market. Why do you think that when you play Saccharine Trust’s hit single “We Became Snakes” backwards, you can hear Jack Brewer chanting “Pirelli, Pirelli, they a-make the finest tires” in a fake Italian accent?) And now you know the rest of the story …