Day Of Prayer: Prayer Vigil At Jamba Juice Corporate HQ

All across America, people will spend the day praying for the humiliation / decreased 4Q earnings of Jamba Juice.

Reader RdC lives in Emeryville CA, home of Jamba Juice. She organized a prayer vigil at Jamba Juice corporate headquarters:

It all went down a few hours ago. We got some Jamba Juices from down the actual store down the street, and set up right in front of the HQ’s main entrance. After about five – seven minutes of noodling around and taking our pictures, a gentleman came out and introduced himself as the corporate council. Whatt??? They sent lawyers out after us! Not even a security guard! …. He lectured at me a bit and let us go.

Corporate Counsel? LOL, Joimba Juice doesn’t hesitate to send out the lawyers, huh? I never had any intention of getting lawyers involved in this kerfuffle, but if Jarhead Juice is gonna sic lawyers on nonviolent, god-fearing prayer warriors, maybe I will hire one of the attorneys who contacted me this week … or maybe I’ll just buy one of those weird white wigs that British politicians wear and sue ’em myself!

“Objection, your honor! My wig is too tight!”

Send in your photos of prayer vigils in front of Jarmbeh Juice franchises; I’ll post them here.

Know hope.