Dissent Of The Day

Reader CM takes issue with my call for a boycott of Jamba Juice:

I understand that you want to “get back” at Jamba Juice for what they did with your artwork, but it is hardly right to do it the way you are. If you want to get back at them Contact Corporate. Do not tell people to boycott the franchises. If not only hurts the people back at corporate, but it hurts the franchise owners, and even more importantly, THE EMPLOYEES. And I am not talking about the manager. I am talking about the college kid working at the register, making juices to pay his rent next week. Especially in the state of our current economy, this tactic of yours is a horrible one. (My emphasis –ed.)

Okay, in light of the nation’s current economic crisis, I will now SUSPEND my call for a national boycott of Jamba Juice. (Should I wait until Friday prayers to make this announcement?)

All my readers, all my fans: You are hereby authorized to spend money at Jamba Juice again. I don’t want my personal kerfuffle with Jamba Juice to further derail America’s economic recovery.

(Personal message to reader CM: Thank you for briefly making me feel like I actually have influence and power beyond my front yard.)