Fast Company Drops The Hammer

I was interviewed for this article:

“Has Jamba Juice’s Controversial Ad Just Pureed Its Billion-Dollar Dreams?”

It’s hard to see how Jamba is going to execute its strategy to become more a part of its customers’ lives when it can’t handle an online viral ad. Jamba wants to use its new locations and loyal fans to transform Jamba into a breakfast and lunch destination.

Earlier this year, (CEO James) White launched oatmeal for breakfast, and just last month, he started testing lunch– salads, sandwiches, and pizza-type “California Flatbreads.”

“Previously, Jamba food was more of a hobby,” White says of the soft pretzels and baked goods that made up the menu before his makeover. “We want people to have a passion for it.”

Mission Accomplished, I have passion for Jamba! I have so much Jamba passion, give me all your flatbreads and oatmeals! Please let me try the new 90 oz. Jungle-dingle-dongle Boysenberry Blend with Wheatgrass Sidecar!

LOL, this is absurd. You know what? Just sell juice to old people. There’s no shame in it. Stop trying to capture the “ironic disaffected under-30-y.o. internet-addict” demographic.

After all, they will abandon you as soon as a rival juice company bases their online viral strategy on re-appropriating “Two Girls One Cup.”