Man Vs. Juice: Readers Write

Readers chime in on my war against Jemaah Islamiyah Juice:

From reader SD:

I teach college and my silkscreen class just began our section of copyright issues. I cannot wait to show them my vintage signed copy of MNFTIU from a reading at Quimby’s in chicago back in my zine days. Then i’ll show them the juice ads. Then we will have a big discussion about what sucks and what is awesome…

Nothing makes college kids happier than siding with art.

Free message to all college kids: ALWAYS side with art.

From reader AM:

I’m as outraged as anyone over Jarba Juice’s style biting, but there are no Jarba Juice locations in Canada for me to boycott. What can I do to help?

Answer: Pray. Pray for the destruction of the Temple of Juice. No, seriously? Just remember that most corporations are lame, and most advertising/marketing agencies are lame, and this kind of lame, dispiriting appropriation happens all the time. Just always keep that thought somewhere in your head. And drink wine instead of juice.

From reader PB:

First of all I laughed out loud at “Jhumpa Lahiri Juice.” Second of all your effort is picking up steam – a search for “jamba juice david rees” is yielding lots of relevant hits. Keep it up! I have never had Jumba Juice and because of this I promise you I NEVER WILL.

Yes! Our movement is growing! Next step: Figure out what color to change our twitter avatars to. What color represents the exact opposite of juice? Maybe… brown? Or does Jockle Juice sell a brown “Choco-berry Cocoa Quinoa Bomb” juice for $14.99?

From reader MR:

Please rate different brands of gin from best to least best.

We’re having a heated discussion….but no need to phone.

How’s the car?

Whoops! That one’s from my Mom. (My car overheated this weekend in Philly and I called my Mom to complain about it.)

Know hope.