Roll Your Own Juice

Who was it who said, “The arc of history is long, but it bends towards juice?”

This whole sad affair has got me thinking about an old friend, someone I haven’t spent much time with in the past few years.

I’m talking about my JuiceMan Pro 410 juicer, of course.

I bought it as a Christmas gift for myself in 1996(?). My parents chipped in $50 to help me buy it, I remember.

Man, I went crazy with that juicer! I would buy, like, 80 pounds of carrots and run ’em through my juicer and then my housemates and I would sit around drinking juice– drinking juice until we felt sick– and then I would take the leftover vegetable gunk and bake it into bread! (Yes, I went to a hippie college.)

Anyway, my good ol’ juice machine ended up where all juice machines end up– in my basement. BUT SOMETHING TELLS ME IT SHALL SOON RISE AGAIN!!!

Maybe later this week I will post an instructional video about how to make your own juice! EMPOWER YOURSELF!