Jomble Juice: Readers Write

(NOTE: I’m going to stop typing out J-A-M-B-A Juice because I don’t want to drive their “google hit-ranking,” or “technorati page count,” or “twitter-hit buzz #surging,” or whatever popularity algorithm their online marketing consultants use to justify their outrageous fees.)

I’ve received some nice emails from readers about the intellectual crimes of Jarpa Juice. Thought I’d share them with you, to keep you FIRED UP and MOTIVATED for the upcoming war! (Because this war will not be quick, and it will not be fun, and it will not even be ironically amusing. We are in for a long slog. We are taking down a national juice company, i.e. Jhumpa Lahiri Juice.)

From reader NL:

I can understand that you’re displeased with [REDACTED JUICE COMPANY], but I don’t see why you have to call for suing them. The way I see it, you’ve been loaning your site’s bandwidth to Karate Snoopy for YEARS. I say, hit the dude up for a favor. Have him whoosh over to [REDACTED JUICE COMPANY] corporate and start kicking people in the face. Just let me know if he agrees to do it, please; it’d be an excellent time to invest heavily in ambulance futures. (People who understand this reference are my kind of people –ed.)

From reader DD:

I’m sure you get this all the time, but I’ve been literally reading your shit since was just a pink picture of the skewed-ass dude at the computer, and you could only choose fighting or filing. Maybe it was only fighting at the time. (this was back in 2000 –ed.) ALL IM sayin is that i remember when the normal man feat. karate snoopy strip (“Karate Klassic”) was the FRESH SHIT…. I also was finally moved to write to you after all these years ever since I logged on at work today to find this FUCKING TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE aka [REDACTED JUICE COMPANY] appropriation/rip off extravaganza 2k9 edition. I know how fucked that shit is. And I also know who the real OG is. Never give up.

I will never give up! As long as I have breath, I will complain to everyone I meet about the lazy, disingenuous appropriation of my cartooning style by the goofballs over at Jabba Juice!!!