SXSW Buzz Reaching Blockbuster Levels

Guys, the hype surrounding Friday’s SXSW panel is reaching “WATCHMEN” proportions! If you don’t believe me, just check out these sites and pretend they’re talking about the panel:




The other panelists are entrepreneurs doing great things on this amazing device we all love called the internet. I hope to learn from them … as well as teach them a thing or two! (Actually I’m more interested in teaching than learning, because learning involves listening to other people, and that’s not really my style and besides as soon as I stop talking, my mouth goes into “riff mode,” where it automatically starts humming the hottest rock ‘n’ roll riffs, and then the person tries to talk over me, like, “Sir do you know why I pulled you over? It’s because your bumper stickers are so hilarious, I’d like your autograph.”)