A Message For All Relationshapesheadz

I’ve received some emails from Relationshapesheadz (hardcore fans of “Relationshapes”) asking when the RELATIONSHAPES link will be fixed.

We’ll fix it, don’t worry. It’s just that right now I’m overwhelmed with all the polls I’m commissioning and analyzing (some have upwards of fifty numbers per data point, with n = 3 and a p-value of -1, just so you know).

For now, please enjoy this:

Are you kidding me? Those are some of the best shapes I’ve ever drawn. There’s not even a word for the shape on the right. Euclid even in his wildest fantasies couldn’t have imagined a shape like that!!!

As for the shape on the left, what can I say? LOL, attention MIT Shape Laboratory, I’m available for guest lectures and tenure! Just make sure you have lots of Zinfandel at the fancy reception for me, as well as brie and bleu cheese and the finest crackers!!!

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