Reader Mail: More Move On Up

Election-eve feedback from a reader. If I had any doubts that this was the hottest new blog on the scene, they are now gone:

Ever since “Move on UP” was featured on FFO, it has been my canvassing/jogging jam!!!!!!!!!!! This past Sunday, for instance, my roommate and I had to drive out to Starke (20 miles north of Gainesville) to pass out fliers at African-American churches for the last day of early voting in Florida and we listened to that song probably 15 times on the way there to get pumped up since we know we must deliver Florida to Barry in order to ensure the crushing rebuke to the past eight years.

Tomorrow, we’re spending election day knocking on doors of the registered Democrats in our surrounding precincts who haven’t voted yet but first we will jam to “Bring It On Home” and “Move on Up” to get pumped up for the next 13 hours.

So thank you thank you thank you a million times thank you for Friday Face Offs, for crushing all other blogs, for the message from Deepak Chopra (prophetic much?) and also for the entire GYWO collection. We will do this today.

(My emphasis)

This is one race I do feel comfortable calling: MNFTIU WINS IN A LANDSLIDE! HOTTEST NEW BLOG ON THE SCENE, BY A FINAL TALLY OF 10,000 – 0!!!

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