New Polls: McCain Improving His Gaining And Tightening?

BAD NEWS FOR DEMS: My analysis shows McCain closing the gap in 5,025 of my 20,000 simulations. (I run each election 20,000 times on my calculator.)

He’s running very strong in the following areas:

1. 225001
2. 9696-j (regression mean analysis simulation)
3. 9682111-JY (this is a weighted Kentucky regression; very useful for the first 900 simulations on my calculator)
4. 41999
5. 259903 (this one will be hard for Obama to pull off)
6. AP-2881501
7. 93

I’ll run the numbers one more time before the end of the day. It takes awhile to punch all the data into my calculator, so please be patient!

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