GYWO Video Blurb: John Hodgman

Once again, I am breaking the mold and shattering the possibilities of reality with my game-changing super-strategy. That’s right: VIDEO BLURBS.

This week’s video blurb is from JOHN HODGMAN, a long-time GET YOUR WAR ON reader.

He encourages you to buy this book! (Rats, I should have asked him to demand you buy fifty copies . . . oh well . . . just buy fifty copies anyway, to rub my nose in it.)

NOTE: If you’re a super-famous celebrity or politician or pundit and you’d like to make a VIDEO BLURB to promote GYWO, please get in touch! (Thomas Friedman, let’s make this happen! All is forgiven if you blurb my book! I’ll even start “buzz-marketing” your brand, going to hipster bars and talking to random strangers like, “You know who’s making a lot of sense these days? That Thomas Friedman. That guy is so hip . . . I think I saw him at the Arcade Fire show last week . . .”)

ALSO: John Hodgman has a new book of his own. I cartoonblurbed it here.

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