Friday Face-Offs: “Move On Up” – 2nd Place

LOL, you knew I had to get this one in . . . because, are they burning shit up very hard in this performance???

My only complaint is . . .

I wish the audience member in the red polo shirt (1:44 – 1:46) had been into the song. I wish he had been feeling it. I really, really wish he had been emotionally engaged in the moment, and that he was maybe feeling the song. Because . . . man, he is SO NOT FEELING THE SONG. He is so, so, so totally bored! He looks like he’s about to doze off, due to how non-excited he is about being on the front row as The Jam performs “Move On Up.”

And then, amazingly, at (1:56 – 2:06), the guy actually looks EVEN MORE BORED.

(In fairness to that guy, it was a low energy performance of a low energy song, LOL x 100)

Friday Face Offs! WINNING VIDEO IS NEXT!!!

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