The Economic Situation

Apparently interest rates are falling(?). And the international markets are going buck-wild in the club(?).

I’ll look into the situation and give you a complete analysis as soon as I finish eating my nine-course breakfast.

PS: Because I know you’ll ask:

1. Orange Juice with strawberries
2. Oatmeal with fresh black pepper (“Indian Spice Oats”)
3. Steamed egg salad
4. Philly cheesesteak (“Hold the wiz”)
5. Tofu jammers (this is when you eat a block of tofu as quickly as possible)
6. Wheatgrass power smoothie, infused with grass clippings from my lawn
7. Bucket of Grape-Nuts
8. “Screamin’ Toast” (toast made by someone screaming about how much they hate making toast)
9. Seltzer water with Snickers bars melted and stirred into it

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