Friday Face-Offs: Fortunate Son – 3rd Place

User’s description of video: “This song is very common in vietnam war movies so i decieded to play it on the bass”

My description of video: “The guy’s username is ‘lynyrdskynyrdgod2112.’ How are you NOT watching this?”

Okay, something beautiful about this video: Mike Watt (who, as we all know, recorded the greatest version of “Fortunate Son” ever, which is not at the top of today’s FFO only because I have recused the Minutemen from FFO competition, lest they win every week, even for songs they never recorded) learned to play bass by plucking along to “Down on the Corner” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. And you know what? When Mike Watt first started playing bass, it probably sounded a little like lynyrdskynyrdgod2112.

So all we can say to lynyrdskynyrdgod2112 is, keep practicing that bass. The world needs more Mike Watts.

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