How About We Just Take The Trillion Dollars And Flush It Down The Toilet?

Seriously. At least something interesting would probably happen. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want? For something interesting and exciting to happen? Face it, Iraq is no longer interesting. Nobody cares about it or thinks about it. “Blah blah, the Sunni Awakening Council drafted some resolution in coordination with Anbar Mothers Against Drunk Driving or something.” Afghanistan isn’t interesting — hasn’t been for a long time. “Ho-hum, news alert, we found some more rocks and dirt in southern Afghanistan.”

But literally flushing one trillion dollars down the toilet? That’s interesting. When I walk down the street in my stolen bus driver uniform, wearing my special helmet, and I grab people and say, “Let’s flush a trillion dollars down the toilet, we can even use my toilet,” people are INTERESTED. They are ENGAGED. They are STRUGGLING — but I am stronger than they are.

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