Friday Face-Offs: Umbrella – 2nd Place

One of the criteria I use for deciding whether a video deserves inclusion in Friday Face-Offs is whether I wish I had been in the room at its creation.

I really, really, wish I had been in the room (i.e. enormous gigantic stadium) when this video was created.

When I first saw this video’s title (“TxSU vs PV Umbrella Battle 2007”), I thought, “Please God, let this be what I think it is.”

And then the graphic came up: ROUND 1.

And it was good.

You know why America is a great place to live? Because it’s a country where marching bands have the freedom to face off and do battle, trying to out-rock each other by playing “Umbrella” extremely loudly.

This video is like a motherfucking meta Friday Face-Off!!!

I love the booing. I love the umbrellas. But most of all, I love 1:30.

From the comments to the video:

“BOTH these bands wreckin i don’t see why we can’t just say it sounds great from both but need to say one of em won… at least on this song. =) lol”


Stay tuned . . . the winning video is next . . .

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