Richard Perle continues to stare into the placid, reflective waters of his mind, finding his own gaze returned to him in reward. Let’s leave him to his reverie.

Shall we turn now to a second New York Times reflection — that of Kenneth Pollack? It’s entitled “So Much for Good Intentions:”

For that reason (some bullshit reason; I can’t even be bothered to remember what — ed.), what I most wish I had understood before the invasion was the reckless arrogance of the Bush administration. I had inklings of it to be sure, and warned of the inadequacy of some of what I saw. . .

(My emphasis, because I treasure the word “inklings”)

Ladies and gentlemen, perhaps you would like to buy Kenneth Pollack’s 2002 book, The Threatening Storm: The Case for Invading Iraq.

Truly, this book is a mirror that cannot be cracked. Let us hold it up to our face. . . and gaze. . . at the REFLECTIONS. . .


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