To avoid a quarrel is a setback for sin, for it is a hot temper that kindles quarrels.
A sinner sows trouble between friends and spreads scandal where before there was peace.
A fire is kept hot by stoking and a quarrel by persistence. A man’s rage is in proportion to his strength, and his anger in proportion to his wealth.
A hasty argument kindles a fire, and a hasty quarrel leads to bloodshed.

Blow on a spark to make it glow, or spit on it to put it out; both results come from the one mouth.

–Ecclesiasticus 28: 8-12

Big Brah Recap

Thanks to reader CW for reminding me to post the latest recap of the American television show called “Big Brother.” It is here.

Lollygaggin’ Tonight!

Great comedy show this evening. Performers include the Daily Show’s Wyatt Cenac, as well as Leo Allen (Jon Benjamin Has a Van) and Liam McEneaney. Please come; there will be air-conditioning.