For all its faults, we must celebrate 2021 a lot. Why? Because of its abundance of palindromes. Palindromes are one of the most delightful phenomena of language. They are words (and phrases) that read the same way no matter where you start reading them (in terms of what direction you’re reading them in).

2021, alas, was not itself a palindrome (at one point I had hoped it would be a palindrome, but it wasn’t a palindrome because of the “1” at the end). Nevertheless, the year gave us plenty of memorable forwards- and backwards-sentences that will delight linguists for decades to come, no matter if they start at the beginning and read forwards or start at the end and read backwards.

Palindromes make words more interesting, so we say “thank you” to palindromes

On this final day of this extraordinary year, let’s review — one last time — the palindromes that defined, explained, and just plain summarized the amazing rollercoaster ride known as the one and only year of 2021.


(Ahem … sorry … just got carried away for a moment … my “Palindrome Fever” is running a bit high … let’s try that again …)

Here are the TOP TEN PALINDROMES OF 2021:

10. Madam, I’m Adam in 2021

9. Omicron? No! OMG, IMO!

8. West Side Story? Pop rots y (“y” is Spanish for “and”) edits stew

7. Facebook? Data’s laughter at civic slaughter, ta-da! Boof cake!

6. Meet me in my teet: –(0i x i0)–

5. I’m over the moon for Maroon 5

4. Oh! Oozy daddy in banana nabs a baddy zoo banana …. it’s a doozy. Ho!

3. (TIE): 2021 looks kool, 1220 / lolololol hahahah brrrrrrppppttttffffrrrrb

2. Pat? Do you eat tofu of tae kwan do? Tap?

1. Racecar Elon Musk cums alone in his racecar

This concludes my year-end lists! I wish you a healthy and happy new year and I’ll see you soon on the internet or perhaps on my web site.