Is it any wonder that we were blessed with an abundance of palindromes in 2018? After all, this was a topsy-turvy year, and palindromes are words and phrases that read the same way backwards and forwards — in other words, they are topsy-turvy!

You can’t deny how awesome that is, especially if those palindromes actually sum up the year they were created in (in this case, 2018)!

Here are the TOP TEN PALINDROMES OF 2018:

10. Dew slay, or royals wed

9. Wall at border? Redo, bro, all.

8. It’s shit

7. We shall see pee tape. Eep! Alas, ew! (Peepee party)

6. Hey, Demi Lovato? Medical Ovaltine … yeh.

5. 2018 sees 8102

4. Red Sox win it all, lit errors … noxious? Durrr… Baseball. (Pronounced as a palindrome)

3. Still lovin’ pizza in 2018 … zip your lip!

2.  Palindromes that make ya go “Mmmm!”

1. Bob’s bob