Best Of 2018: ART


Art, it has been said, is a window into the soul. Whether it’s a landscape painted with oils, a sculpture made from the finest marble, or a video installation that dares us to think about the world in a new way, works of art are always sure to start an interesting conversation — and 2018 was no different. From major¬†museum retrospectives to underground galleries that pushed the bleeding edge of cool, this year was marked by impressive creative strides inside the art world — and outside¬†it. After all, what is art, other than a creative way to express your vision of the world? And in 2018, our world surely needed expression. Originality, technique, and vision were all used to make new works of art that took our breath away and made us think anew.

It’s time to celebrate the best of our creative culture. Here are the TOP TEN ARTWORKS OF 2018:

10. Pretty good artworks

9. “I don’t understand it, but I like it”

8. Vintage artworks

7. Colorful artworks

6. Cyber-art

5. Handmade artworks

4. Gallery art

3. Museum art

2. Some of the best artworks

1. The very best of art, even better than the greatest masterpieces