Best Of 2018: SANDALS

Whether you were relaxing at the beach or grabbing a to-go order from your local restaurant, if you were on your feet in 2018, you were probably wearing sandals. Although the shoe industry had written off sandals years ago, this was the year they came roaring back — and the shoe industry was left “scrambling” to fill orders left and right for America’s favorite kind of shoe: SANDALS.


Perhaps it was our thirst for authenticity that drove this renewed interest in the most humble of footwear, or perhaps our growing skepticism of technology fueled this “Modern-Day Sandal Renaissance” … whatever the reason, we can surely claim that 2018 will go down in history as THE YEAR EVERYBODY LOVED SANDALS.

So strap on your favorite pair of sandals and let’s take a walk down memory lane together as we honor the TOP TEN SANDALS OF 2018:

10. Decent sandals

9. (TIE) Leather sandals / Waterproof sandals

8. Big sandals

7. “Yeahhhhhh, man, I got a bargain on my sandals”

6. Two pairs of sandals

5. Limited-edition sandals that you have to line up outside the store at 2:30 AM in order to get them

4. “Squeeeee!!!” (said about the latest sandals)

3. Durable sandals that stand the test of time

2. Heroic sandals

1. “God bless America” — Sandals