Best Of 2018: SCANDALS

Will 2018 be remembered as “The Year Of The Scandal?” Historians aren’t sure yet. Even though the historical verdict is (as yet) unknown, we can be sure that there were enough scandals in 2018 to make the question applicable — to be sure, I have proved this point by even asking the question to begin with.


On the other hand, 2018 was not the only year to be marked by scandal. In fact, many previous years have had scandals of their own: Think of the Teapot Dome Scandal (1920s), or the President’s Scandal (1970s), or even the “Potatoe” Scandal (1990s).

This is not to say that 2018 was devoid of scandal — indeed, to be clear, in many ways this year was marked by scandals. Some say, in fact, that there were almost too many scandals.

Fortunately, I spent the year cataloging and ranking all the major scandals of 2018. I present them below. Here are the TOP TEN SCANDALS OF 2018:

10. Shocking scandals

9. Damaging scandals

8. Scandals with consequences

7. Horrible scandals

6. Scandals where you’re like, “This scandal is amazing!” 

5. Cultural scandals

4. Political scandals

3. Problematic scandals

2. Some of the greatest scandals

1. Wonderful scandals