Best Of 2016: MOVIES

Lights, camera, action, movies! Let’s zoom in …

If there’s any doubt that America has fallen in love with the movies, 2016 put it to rest. From the latest blockbuster smashes to keenly observed indie dramas, this was the year movies grew up. They went from being a weekend hobby to a serious art form firing on all cylinders and changing the world. Movies inspired us, informed us, and inflamed us. They showed us the best — and worst — that the movies have to offer.

Simply put, if you wanted to be part of the cultural conversation in 2016, you had to see movies. Sometimes movies were the only thing that made sense. Our moment called for movies, and they replied — with gusto. Many movies were released in the past year. Movies have now joined the pantheon of immortal art — they’re loud and they’re proud — so you might as well get used to it. And you might as well grab another bag of popcorn because we’re going to the movies!


Here are THE BEST MOVIES OF 2016:

10. Good movies you kinda liked

9. Movies that showed you a new way of looking at the world

8. “Hennnnry!” “Yes dear?” “Take me to the movies.” “Okay.”

7. (TIE) Creative movies / Historical movies

6. When you see a new movie

5. Movies made by visionaries that mark a bold new chapter in American cinema, how lucky we are to be alive during this time of movie magic

4. Streaming movies

3. When you go grocery shopping after you see the movie

2. Amazing movies

1. Greatest movie of all time