Best Of 2016: INNOVATORS


Our world has always loved innovators. These brave men and women have the courage and vision to disrupt our everyday practices, introducing new ways of doing old familiar things … or unfamiliar ways of doing things that have never been thought of before. In the field of history, they stand tall as “first in field,” and we are all the better for it. To take just one example: You can order a car with your phone now. Imagine trying to explain that to your great-great-grandfather … and then, thank your local innovator.

Of course, innovators aren’t limited to the private sector. We can also see their work in business, commerce, politics, and entertainment. So let’s salute the rebels, renegades, and radicals that keep our country — and our world — tumbling forward in the grand somersault of joyous innovation.

Here are the TOP TEN INNOVATORS OF 2016:

10. Your mom

9. People who see things differently

8. Experimenters

7. Geniuses

6. Hard workers

5. (TIE) Einstein-like people / Hollywood visionaries

4. Tech culture innovators

3. Financial innovators

2. Some of the greatest innovators

1. Nobody will ever top these legendary innovators